This section will provide links to essential works on Spagyrics and associated sciences. 

Siddha Relevations

The time has now come where all sides have been crossed, where all spells have been cast, and where the grim is getting grimmer, and where the great is getting greater. 

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Time Place and Person

Place is associated with three fundamental positions, that based on the anthropogenic and geospheric conditioning, and that based on the astronomical

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The Basilicum

Indeed the one who seeks shall at one point find!  So why wait, but haste, oh dear one be stead fast.  Has the master screamed the song in your ear?  have you listened?  All around indeed is  the Basilicum of natures wonders, as it has been said over and over.  Why has the original path of the devotee been that of divine pride?  For it is indeed true, they have known the worth of their own inner mystery, in fact they have guarded it and protected it with the true seal of the sanctum.

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