Revelations on the Ages: Astrological calculations

Published on 10 March 2022 at 00:10

The Astrological Ages

There are two main systems in astrological research Sidereal and tropical.  In General, the Indian system of the Zodiac is Sidereal, and the primary traditional method of western Hellenistic astrology is Tropical.  Further there are several systems within the  Indian astrological system as a whole.  In this particular calculation the true Chitrapaksha system is used, which the reader is encouraged to seek out and study

Again, as a generalization the Indian system is calculated by an opposition aspect.  Specifically, this is where the Sun is in an opposition to Spica in the spring months.  This Differs from the Hellenistic method of calculating the ingress of Aires, this being based on the rotation of the Earth around the sun; the divisions of four (grand cross) but using artifactic zodiacal placements.  Thus, the commencement of when the sun enters is based on the position of the earth (our viewpoint).  The onset of Aires, in the tropical system marks the exact middle point between the Darkest and Lightest days of the year, this is defined as the Equinox, and in fact is an artifact of actuality.  In the northern hemisphere this is the onset of the spring season, the returning of the light, the true marking between the longest day of light and the shortest day of light. 

What does the sidereal system mean?

This is a very complicated question, and we need to reach outside the realm of astrology and into astronomy and realize some important points about how the earth functions in itself and its ongoing movement around the sun.  Is it not fascinating, the leisurely pursuit that our ancestors tried to make to discover this ongoing complexity, with generations and generations of onlookers and wonderers contributing to the revelation of what is in constant transformation and birth?  After their evening meals and the successes or failures of the day, they began to look up into the night sky and imagine all the illusionments that hath bestricken; they began to see, they began to know the patterns embedded in the kaleidoscopic matrix of life and creation. 

From there, this is than the start or onset of the spark of illusion, and hence the development of scientific inquiry and investigatory research, where subsequent revelation was constantly pursued to its fineness. This in itself rolls on in an endless windows of time, with games of discovery captivating and intriguing inquiry to unveil the true treasures from the seas that are sailed, through the endless movement of generation to generation. Endless oceans into Endless deep waters, it indeed is my dear friend, may the path be laid before you. As long as you know where your feet are, a distinguishment can be made of the path.  Indeed, our ancestors and the animals that roamed and ran on the surface of this great mother earth, had their instincts and intuition highly refined, this being the path in itself. 


Unfortunately, during this great Kali Yuga phase, the dichotomy and paradox of understanding has been hidden.  From the point of view of our current time period, dictatorships and dracovidian greedy spells have sought to milk, in their vampiric hungry rage and descent, all the intuitional capacity and instinctual inheritance of  the ancestral lore.  This has been implemented with a great fall into full force.  This is where true democracy is covertly false flagged with dictatorships that are posers to their false poster child’s that are screaming helvete.  Indeed, knowing the bliss of true ignorance, this is where hell meets intermediary and short-lasting conscious bliss and despair.  I’m sure many are indulging in such misfit like behavior unknowingly, creating and cresting in such unfortunate and seemingly comfortable circumstances. That will only, in the end, and pray that it may be, push the ignorant beyond their bondage.  Forcing the awakened to really articulate and respond! It is indeed, to my dearest regret and admiration that I would like to say:

“within time and space all the stories and outcomes are told”. 

Indeed, it is from this quagmire that knowledge and wisdom is sifted, calcined, and sublimated to high and more refined ranks by the adepts integrity in motion. This is the invocation of the Sadvipra or the Heroic Warrior. It is in this inspiration and transformative dynamis that I write to you now, while being on the flanks of the high inland void, I ask you to consider my words carefully here of what follows and make your own discretion or false flags. 

I claim no expertise within astrology or astronomy as whole. But what I would like to put forth to you now is some important revelations being reckoned with, on the exact timing of the astrological ages; which this author has strategically and rationally pulled out of the ethers.  This calculation was completed on March 4th 2022, in the evening in Skåne län.  It is based on two important constants that of precision of the equinox and that of the annual rotational speed of the earth around the sun. With an assumed constant rate of spin. These patterns are the foundation for understanding symmetry and coherence of where we are, and how we are in a constant rhythmic dance as a form of creational unfoldment.

Precession of the equinox

Now to give some background, the calculation was based on discoveries hinted at by the Greek astronomer and mathematician Hipparchus of Nicaea.  One should study more about this ancient scientist and his works on the sun and moon, astronomy, trigonometry, and his discovery of the patterned configurations, which later became to be known as the precision of the equinoxes.  His discovery of the fundamental concepts of the precision of the equinox apparently took place in 127 BC.  Where he realized, what the beginning of this confession has stated, Figure 1! The movement of the fixed star in relation to the observation of the sun on a specific day, with comparisons made over time.  If this all sounds strange, we ask you to carefully sit down and think it through with a scientific mind, invoking your ancestry of Hermes and the ermeticsim of being isolated to the knowledge obtained from number, weights, and measurements

This knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes was latter contemplated and refined by Sir Isaac Newton.   Further reading can be linked here

Axial tilt and Earths Rotational speed

But dear one, before all the research of the above your need to understand the concept of axial tilt.  To put it bluntly axial tilt is the degrees of tilt in relationship to the suns shadow cast on a pole during the summer solstice.  This is complicated and messy.  But it was in fact discovered long ago by Chou Li 1100 BC.  This was further developed:

“In 1437, Ulugh Beg determined the length of the sidereal year as 365.2570370...d = 365d 6h 10m 8s (an error of +58 seconds). In his measurements over the course of many years he used a 50 m high gnomon. This value was improved by 28 seconds in 1525 by Nicolaus Copernicus, who appealed to the estimation of Thabit ibn Qurra (826–901), which had an error of +2 seconds. However, Ulugh Beg later measured another more precise value of the tropical year as 365d 5h 49m 15s, which has an error of +25 seconds, making it more accurate than Copernicus's estimate which had an error of +30 seconds. Ulugh Beg also determined the Earth's axial tilt as 23°30'17" in the sexagesimal system of degrees, minutes and seconds of arc, which in decimal notation converts to 23.5047°”.  The above quote is taken from here

This all seems complicated and vague to those not familiar with geometry and crude dimensionality, and or earth system sciences. But this understanding is of paramount importance, to the student of this art, because it is what is actually happening; we have to accept what is!  This is understood by the following equation, representing the conjunction of the shadow of a tower, with the tower itself at high noon on summer solstice, at the degrees latitude the earths precision tilt actually is.  Obviously, this is expressed in degrees!  This in turn can give you the circumference of the earth.  One way to view the problem is:


Given that at noon on Midsummer Day a 357 m tall building casts a shadow that is 269 m long, calculate the latitude of the building and the circumference of the Earth, assuming the Earth is spherical.

  • latitude of building:

  • Tan (x) = 269m/357m

  • X=tan-1 (269/357) = 36.9˚

  • Latitude of building = 36.9˚ + 23.5˚ latitude = 60.4˚ latitude

  • Latitude of building = 60.5˚ latitude

  • To find circumference of the earth:

  • Find distance of point A = building at 60.5 ˚ N 45 E to point B = 23.5˚ N 45˚ E

  • Measure this distance with ruler on Google earth: distance between point A and point B = 4110km

  • 360˚/X = 36.9˚/4110km

  • X = 360˚ /36.9˚ *4110km = 40,097km

  • X = 40,097 km = circumference of the earth

Dutka, J. 1994, Eratosthenes measurement of the earth reconsidered: archive for history of exact sciences, V. 46, issue, 1.

The above referenced can be used to double check these matters.

Astrological Ages

Now that the above details on earths axial tilt and circumference have been addressed (Figure 1 of this treatise needs to be invoked) the practitioner can use this to calculate what crude time is:

  • speed of rotation / circumference of the earth.

  • Time taken to rotate helios

As having this information as a basis, the question specifically stating what truly is the difference between the tropical and sidereal systems of astrology is answered? To answer this question re-read the first paragraph and consult Figure 1 and study Figure 4.

The timing of the ages

The timing of the ages is as follows and is only partially finished based on central European time zone:

Onset of Taurus

Onset of  Aires

Onset of  Pisces

Onset of  Aquarius

Onset of Capricorn

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