Traditional Plant medicines and healing arts lecture series From Siddha Sciences

This workshop series is conducted by Siddha Sciences and will explore traditional medicine practices and plant sciences used in the long history of human development.  This workshop series is broken down into the following modules: 

  • Foundations of traditional herbal medicine
  • Astrological and Alchemical Foundations of healing arts
  • The art of fermentation unlocking the hidden fire in nature, foods medicine, and drinks
  • Pharmacopeia, Materia Medica, and preparation of plant medicines
  • Plant spirit medicine and mysticism
  • Wild-crafting and forest building

This workshop series is divided up into Five different sessions that last approximately three hours each and will provide the foundation to higher levels of plant study, personal integration, and plant practice. 

Foundations of traditional herbal medicine

The content of Foundation of traditional herbal medicine will outline the following:

  • Plant as gateways to nature, the naturalist and philosopher

  • Herbal classifications

  • Herbal Actions

  • Herbal Tastes

  • Constitutional theory in traditional medicine i.e. The Principle Energies (Ayurvedic doshas)

  • Five element theory in relationship to bodily constituents, organs, sense organs, organs of actions, and layers of the mind , tastes, and constitutions

The basis for this section is found in the Manual Pharmacognosis and can be studied and obtained before hand. 

With the completion of this workshop you will understand the foundational principles of traditional herbal medicine through three constitutions, tastes, potencies and powers that are inherent in all substances. 

Astrological and Alchemical Foundations of healing arts

This workshop series will cover the following aspects

  • What is Astrology, how did it develop and does it relate to traditional forms of medicines and healing
  • How has Alchemy and Astrology develop? does it relate to traditional forms of medicines and healing?
  • How to use astrology and alchemy within plant sciences
  • What is medical astrology
  • 12 signs of zodiac
  • Planetary influences
  • How to read a natal astrological chart from the perspective of medical astrology

This will help you understand the foundations of Astrology and Alchemy in relation to herbalism and how to begin approaching reading natal charts from the perspective of medical astrology.  Further you should be able to understand how this can be used in relationship to traditional Alchemical Principles.   

The Art of Fermentation and Human Nutrition

This workshop addresses the age-old art of fermentation.  This workshop will address the following

  • What is fermentation actually?
  • Fermented drinks
  • Fermented foods
  • Fermented medicines
  • Fermentation in Permaculture
  • How to actually ferment, recipes and hands on experience

With the completion of this workshop, you learn what fermentation is and the practical methodologies used to make fermented foods, drinks, and medicines.


Pharmacopeia, Materia Medica, and preparations

This workshop includes essential information that discuss important aspects of:

  •  Chemistry of medicinal substances
  • What is a Materia medica? and how to organize it based on essential categories.
  • How to prepare tinctures, syrups, powders, pills, decoctions, infusions, essential oils, oil extracts, etc.
  • How to formulate and mix combinations ¨

In this work shop you will learn important points of how to organize plants and mushrooms so that the correct preparation is pursued for your needs.

Plant Spirits and Entheogenes

This workshop series will cover the following aspects:

  • What are Entheogenes and how did Ethnobotany discover them
  • In what context have Entheogenes been used throughout history
  • The Indo-European Entheogenes
  • African Entheogenes
  • Entheogenes from the Americas
  • What future role do Entheogenes have in guiding and Developing Society


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