The Basilicum

Published on 9 November 2021 at 21:41

Indeed the one who seeks shall at one point find!  So why wait, but haste, oh dear one be stead fast.  Has the master screamed the song in your ear?  have you listened?  All around indeed is  the Basilicum of natures wonders, as it has been said over and over.  Why has the original path of the devotee been that of divine pride?  For it is indeed true, they have known the worth of their own inner mystery, in fact they have guarded it and protected it with the true seal of the sanctum.

This is not a easy path, and with it comes afloat much deception, challenges, disillusionment, and all in all a sense of being lost.  It was since long ago that our dear ancestors established the necessary protocol, often by pure sweat and blood, by pure physical hardship, by pure devotion and diligence to the path with the ability to use their mind and interpret the symbols, the reactions, the seasons, the probability

Indeed the Gamos of this universal coding that we are subjected to in fact works like spirals of a storm, casting waves like the wind does on the sea.  This incessant movement of involution and exolution is the breath of creation breathing the winds of change.  The Spiritual practitioners, depending on their sense of active duty, control the fate of the humanoid as we are known.  These folk are what has been termed the Sadvipras

During this time of total dichotomy, duality, paradox, this time of total incineration, where this time period is being subjected to the fires of the furnace, where the brightness is like the illuminating Corona Field.  Awaken the sense of wonder, despair, and repentance.  This utterly shocking revelation, to those whom seek to find eremeticism in the basilica of natures inner truth, bringing the disciple close to the point to actually be.  Be what?  Indeed, isn't it the central role of feeling the need to prevail that makes one dominant, that makes one strong, that makes one have control, that makes one spank out all the deeds and duties of the petty little life of deceit for the pour little suffering soul?  For the flashy disguises that are so utterly disgusting.  Take off the costume, and quit wondering in the grave yard, quit throwing the false flags and eating the scented candies! Buckle up and Be in the Basilicum.  What do you have to loose?  Everything!

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