Siddha Relevations

Published on 29 September 2022 at 11:12

Siddha Revelations: supremacy of the ancestors in times of great change and degradation

The origination of the Mythos, the call of the cosmic flute

The time has now come where all sides have been crossed, where all spells have been cast, and where the grim is getting grimmer, and where the great is getting greater. 

Deep in the long-forgotten times, before the modern era, before the sounds of the old wooden flutes, where humans had to live and survive deep within the matrix of the living earth system, there was a deeply integrated connection and struggle with the earth and all the creatures; the ever-flowing water with all its power, the bright and intense fires with all its fury, the wiping wind with its full force, and the etheric space that allowed all these elements to commingle and interact.  The humanoids, of this long and forgotten past found their struggle and drive to survive to be so powerful that they established themselves in evoking the gods and the ancestors to guide them, to bestow power, blessings, and good fortune for their clan kindred and family.  They originally carved or used pigments to inscribe their profound revelations on the rock outcrops and cliff faces where they found their dwellings in over hangs and caves. Thru the generations and forgotten names of the family was real, where the bones of the ancestors built up, there was the establishment of revelation of experiencing and understanding greater and greater fragments of the natural order and the cosmic configurations. This led to the development of profound and traditional wisdom of our forefathers and mothers on every corner of this great planet that we call our home.  The ancients invoked and began the ascent to great heights of this axis mundi, the caduceus so to speak, to gain the opportunity to fly with or embody the gods to their abode in the supreme lands, to the inner glowing light beyond the veil of this world.  It is through this mercurial like quality of ascension and flight, This rapid and thundering horse power, this vital force of the serpentinite stiffness, that some of the greatest succeeded in finding and establishing truth in the unification of the great father and mother to find the abode of pureness. While others failed miserably, falling to the abodes of deception misfortune, often plundering others in their descent in the blasphemous fires of the inferno (κόλαση). 

Thus, the good and the evil is encoded in all the mythos, and in fact of life as we know it.  As time persisted and the humanoid became more intellectually deceptive and confused the severance occurred and the dissemination of true sin and crepid sorcery spread like a virtual virus originating within the most minute ectoplasmic mind particles of the humanoid, which in turn found its full fulfillment on thin skin of this greater mother earth.  Multiplication and multiplications of offspring being birthed into the modes of deception, confusion, repulsion, and strong poisonous attachments persisted, and plunder the earth with all the might of a twisted and evil demon.  This manifested through each generation as a desire to concur land, to produce the foods to persist at all costs of the environment, to en-captivate and drive the sexual force into another, to establish misdeeds by excluding and or choosing what the value of each family member is, and the accumulation of wealth and power through egoistic gains regardless of the greater expense. 

In turn simultaneously, there was the establishment and the initiactic lineage traditions that penetrated the great mysteries Codexus, the enlightened states, the noble characters, the heroes, spiritual warriors, and saints.  They developed great wisdom and techniques.  They ultimately all came to the same conclusion, that the keys to the gateway of divinity was accessing and harmonizing the heart with the unconditional divine love and bliss (Ananda); Sat chitta Ananda, being conscious bliss.  They established their purificatory rites and techniques, gained the powers, outlined systematically the science of liberation, purification technologies, healing, and structure of reality based on linguistic classifications.  From disciple to disciple the lineage was passed down, often in private or secret, to protect it from the profane, the liars, the cheaters, the thieves, those full of hubris, and from simply the unworthy or unqualified. 

Thus to this day, we have so many remnants both written and orally available of the mystery traditions, the Boreas ancestri preserved through the humble blood, bones, and sounds of those great and noble ones that came before us.  This being seeded strategically amongst the fallen humanities confusion, repulsion, and attraction for those souls who see fit, to begin the process of purification and the introversial movement back towards the inherent Prima Materia, the diamond or Vajra like nature of the glowing and glistening holy one. This great fortune, this great gift, hail to those that established the ranks and sent their sails to the wind to climb the great vine to find the fruit and suckled on the nectar. 

It is with these difficulties that a new cult of medicine is emerging, the reawakening of the traditional life style, the healing with the traditional techniques of the plant wisdom and healing.  The knowledge of our forefathers and mothers was vaster than the ocean and space combined.  It is during these times, that the migration from the illness needs to prevail with all is vigor, to establish and imprint he eternal memory forever.

It is with these aforementioned words that I want to share a great story of a long tradition of adepts, of masters, Alchemist, Yogis, and Saints.  A tradition little known about and forgotten or never heard of on the four corners of this great mother.  This archaic tradition goes back to the ancestral roots of our original Indo-European lineage, that of the Siddha and yogic traditions spawning from the long and forgotten cultures of the Dravidian as well as that of the Aryan culture.  We start with the onset of siddha medicine and a brief overview of the 18 Siddha adept Yogis, and present some of the synthesized gems that have been volatilized for this age of cultural upheaval. 

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