Hail to the Supreme Masters, reflections on insect life

Published on 23 May 2024 at 23:14

Hail to the Supreme Masters, the ones that show the way and illuminate the path of divine remembrance.

This great day, the Birthday of Lord Buddha, the Birthday of the great Tantrik Guru Shrii Shrii Aanada murti.  This day always is on the full moon in May.  All the masters, all the teachers, all those that guide you in the pursuit of the ultimate truth, hold them in your hearts, be devoted to the real teachings they convey.  Never stop to expand your mind  beyond the beyond, beyond all the illusive fractions of your being that hold you back from your divine state of being. 

But what I want to talk to you about is the magic that happens here in the Northern Hemisphere in south Scandinavia this time of year.  The terrible winter really starts to disappear, the warmth and vegetation really have returned, there is abundant growth.   The animals have now fully awakened, the daylight hours stay  long, for the sun does not fall beneath the horizon for a very long period each day. 

On this particular full moon day of may, right after the transition from Taurus into Gemini, there was the great pleasure of beholding the flowering of one of our great efforts, that largely paid off this day, it being the first onset of the flowers of Rhaponticum carthamoides or what is known as the famous Maral Root from the Altai region. The days proceeding this full moon, were unusually clear for about 10 days or so which correlated clearly with the solar storms that we had.  It wasn't until today the full moon that the clouds really came and we had some decent and needed rains, especially for those that just planted the crops.    I first learned about this plant from the esteemed Herbalist Henriett Kress in her practical herbs book. Then there was procurement of some spagyric tincture from Cunning folk herbs.  Further there was procurement of the dried roots and seeds from a farm in eastern Europe.  Finally we started to grow this plant here in our own headquarters.  You can read more of the energetic we ascribe this plant in our manual here:

So much talk is given to the medicinal nature of this plant and really so many plants.  But what should we know about the plants for what they are and how they are perceived and behave in the nature around them? to observe and see what is going on with the plant, how is it interacting with its surrounding and what is interacting with it. This full moon flowering day of the Maral root allowed a true stepping back and witnessing this plant in natures glory. On recognition of our teachers, as of the recent, great attention has been paid to listening to the teaching of A.R. Wallace and his most profound and elegant etymological and zoological understandings of tropical paradises, i discovered to make it a point to put myself in the naturalists shoes and really look what is going on in the garden This indeed came across so clearly today, when  upon this great flowering, the diversity of insects was at it full glory.  They hovered to, and were magnetized to this plant.  The spectacular glory was unimaginable to see such delicate diversity especially in the hand lens which every botanical aficionado should have.  It is mysterious how those so in love with plants talk so little about the insects that frequent them and make them a home and a abode for their nutrition and life cycle. One has to seriously ponder this strange contradiction and self-centeredness  of the human and the inadequacy of really ever, evolutionary speaking,  being a real conservationist or naturalist.  For what a primitive down fall this really is and one that is undeniably logical.

Full moon flowering of Maral root and its associated insects

We leave it up to you to decipher the insects according to species and geography, which we will do in other bits of our work devoted to practitioners of the art, but here is just for the revelation the insects that make home to one of our very dearly esteemed plants Maral

Insects whom make Maral root their home

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2 months ago

Amazing photography!
Thank you for sharing your cultural experience and joy!
And true enough, oft times we have tunnel vision .. not getting the wholistically perspective.
I appreciate your attention-getting posting.
All life is interconnected. Let us not forget how we are all creatures of interdependence. All Hail!