Siddha Sciences Sacred Sounds  cacao ceremony

This is a Sacred Sounds and mantra meditation Cacao ceremony.  Our Cacao Formula is Exquisite made of ceremonial CACAO, Scandinavian CHAGA, and other precious spices, and honey, making a delicious stimulating blend .  We have the great honor of using real ceremonial cacao from Guatemala from an agroforesty project called Finca El Porvenir.  The producers of this cacao have a mix of old and new cacao strains produced using ancestral Mayan techniques and permaculture principles.  Therein, by partaking in this song circle you directly support this farm and their activities!

After completion of the ceremony, there will be a light soup offered, and an exhibition of the herbal and other works pertaining to Siddha Sciences. If you have the possibility, you are welcome to bring some bread or fruit that we can share alongside the soup!


- Arrival 

- Invocation of ceremony; honoring natures mandala and the Cosmic Sipaho 

- Imbibing of the ceremonial sacrament, Cacao Chaga Elixir

- Sacred Sounds and Mantra Meditations

- Closing meditation

- Light soup dinner

- Exhibition by Siddha Sciences


The Next Siddha Sciences Sacred Sounds will be on:

  • May 28th 18:00-21:30

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Sacred Sounds Song Book 

The Sacred sounds Song book is the basis and guide for remembering the songs, mantras, Divine Poetry, invocations, of being reminded of the sacred imagery, and the significance of the Symbols.  This book is multicultural, and helps unify the missing tradition, which has been propagated by the dracovidian cultural void-ness .  The next edition of this book will also be filled with some musical and guitar notation, that any lover of the sacred arts will find very revealing,  which further contains some of the secrets on the 432 hertz Temporal music tunings, among other things.  

Sacred Sounds

SEK 272.00

Sacred Sounds

SEK 272.00

Siddha Sciences Song Book, 65 devoitonal songs including mantras, buddhistic chants, Santo Daime hyms, rainbow songs, and other songs of praise and worship


We are sharing the possibility to get the Cacao from Finca El Porvenir

Exhibition from Siddha Sciences

Following the ceremony we will have a light soup and small uplifting gathering of like minded kindred souls with potential more music and important discussion.  During this time it is possible to observe and inquire about our Exhibition of the Herbal, Mineral,  Spagyric, and Astrological arts that we are currently engaged in, and in which  are offered for inspection with the possibility to acquire.  You can see some of these offerings here! There will be pieces on display and appropriate inquiry can be made into the material.  We offer teaching into spagyria and other plants sciences which you can learn about here in the work shop series that we will be engaging in.

Siddha Sciences Sacred Sounds is deeply engaged with teaching music and cultivating the fine arts of sound healing and the technical skills to master divine heritages of sound.  Private and group lessons are catered to needs and desires of the practitioner: To read more click here