Music Lessons

SEK 333.00

Private guitar and Harmonium music lessons in the Österlen Region.  These lessons are designed to help facilitate you to learn the fundamentals of the guitar or harmonium and how music works.  By doing so, you will gain the skills to play any type of music you want.  This is a great opportunity for any age group and or any skill level. What you will learn:

  • Techniques of how to play and maintain a guitar
  • How to put strings on a guitar and tune the guitar
  • Finger exercise and understanding the fret board
  • How to structure chords
  • How to play melodies
  • Techniques of rhythm. strumming and finger picking
  • Music theory basics and applied music theory
  • How to read music
  • How to train your ears to really hear and understand music
  • How to figure out songs that you want to play
  • How to write and compose music of your own
  • The basis of 432 Hertz Music revolution and how to apply that in your music

Whom are these lessons for?  These lessons are for someone who wants to learn how to play or improve their ability to play guitar and understand music.  It is positive if you are willing to put a little time in each week of practice on your own.  You need to have a guitar.  I can help you find one if you do not have!

The language of the lessons is in both Swedish and English, but we will mainly speak the language of music.  Any age group or experience is welcome.

Whom I am?  I have over 15 years’ experience in music.  I was trained from an early age in Jazz and Classical music and codes of music theory.  I have played trumpet, guitar, percussive instruments, harmonium, and piano over the years.  I currently mainly focus on the guitar or hand drum as the main instruments. I have studied world music from a wide array of cultures. 

lessons take place? 

The lessons take place in Gärsnäs or at your residence.  If you choose to have at your residence, there is extra fee for transport to and from location.  Alternatively, it is possible to have lessons remotely (contact for more information).

Conact for more information or questions