Yarrow Spagyric Tincture

SEK 80.00

Yarrow is a mystical herb, that was used in casting the I Ching for divination.  Yarrow responds with a dynamism to a variety of complaints in the body, it is a cooling relaxing stimulant.  Astringent in taste, having a diaphoretic action, with a musty type of bitter carminative taste.  It can be used internally and externally.  It is used as a bitter carminative, cardiovascular tonic (circulatory stimulant), used in common cold, the astringent taste is used for laryngitis, urinary tonic, used as an herbal emmenagogue, antirheumatic, an antimicrobial herb for the genitourinary tract, uterine astringent, used for hepatic restoration and cleansing, has a hypotensive action.  Used externally for wounds and cuts, due to is astringent nature.  Used in general tissue laxity.  Inches one towards dryness; has a drying nature. It contains blue essential oils.  Its phytochemical profile is complex and contains the following, achillin, chamazulene (the blue essential oil), rutin, furocoumarins, saponins. 

This is a Spagyric tincture concentrate made with wildcrafted Yarrow (Achillea millefolium).