Tibetan Elemental yearly Horoscope

SEKĀ 555.00

This reading is a traditional Tibetan elemental yearly horoscope.  What you will learn is your Animal and Elemental year, your secret number, and your progressed geomancy. Further there will be a assesement of your vitality force, your power force, your health force, your luck force, and your soul energy for the year. 


Your astro birth and animal year will give your overal natal characteristics


Your secret number tells past, current life, and future life predictions of what various difficulties or blessings will be.  


Your yearly horoscope addresses your elemental synergy with the years elemental make up, addressing key points in your life, such as your vitality energy, your health, your prosperity and abundance, your bodily soul energy, and the luck, good forutue or blessings possible for the year.  


You will get a chance to present your self and address any aspect your would like to address, if there is a wish to do so.