Venusian Spagyric Essence

SEK 423.00

This Venusian Spagryic essence bassed on Primarily on Cardamon with traces of Honey, and whole Pomegrante fruits.  


The pod of this plant has a strong essential oil, this essence surely will make your mind turn over.   Cardamon known as a common kitchen spice in the east in a quintessential medicine and yet a food!  In tibetan medicine Cardamon is used in many formulas for compounding medicines.  By itself, it is considered to facilitate the Kidneys by providing heat, to stimulate the agni, and used aganst wind and phlemg disorders.  The taste is pungent, and has a warm quality. 


Sour and astringent in taste.  In traditional tibetan medicine, Pomegranite clears all disorders of the stomach, generates digestive heat, and is a remedy to cold and phlematic disorders.  The damp stagnant condition.